Friday, March 12, 2010

Cumbria couple disillusioned over broadband prices

This news has unearthed the broadband reality in the country. Before this everyone was of the view that currently the country had the best broadband services and coverage which would be multiplied over 10 times with the increase in the coverage of high speed optic fibre broadband connections. But when what happened with a couple in Cumbria hit the newsstands, the citizens came face to face with the fact that the dream of universal broadband in the country is still far from being realized.

Here’s what happened. Ray and Frei Walker stay in Cumbria and have their business in Dufton, near Appleby. Last week they applied to their telephone exchange, where BT provides access, for a switchover from dial-up connection to broadband connection and as a response were given a hefty bill of 45 thousand pound. This despite the fact that many residents in the village do have access to broadband connections but when Walker’s applied for one, they were refused on account of insufficient capacity and asked to pay a bill of 4k pounds if they wanted one.

As a result, they are forced to run their business on slow connection and face lots of problems. Walkers are really disillusioned over the whole issue and reported it to the daily media. What is un-understandable here is that why BT wanted them to pay for the network capacity of entire village. Because of low connectivity, Ray Walker isn’t able to even construct his business’ website which is a must for him.

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