Monday, April 19, 2010

Broadband Users can now store their favorite content

Now watching TV content online has become easier thanks to a newly launched websites. Broadband service users can now watch TV content online using their broadband connection with the help of this websites.

This new website is launched by Arqiva. The SeeSaw platform on which it’s based on has over 3000 hours of TV content that can be viewed online. It has content from BBC, Channel 4 and Five. It also has archived episodes from sitcoms like The Apprentice, Shameless and Hustle. It also features content from series like Doctor Who and The Young Guns. The SeeSaw idea was created by Rudd Studio. They claim to offer best of British programming with mix of international content. The company recently launched a 5 million pound advertising campaign with the help of an advertising agency to launch the brand.

This online content service is ideally suited for digital TV subscribers who wish to have more on demand services. The controller of Seesaw, John Keeling, said that their website would be the tip of the iceberg. He said that this service reminds him of his days as Sky, where multi channel TV was just picking up and you would be finding satellite dishes installed everywhere.

This website’s launch has come within days after Virgin Media announced its plans to add new channels to their digital TV platform. Virgin Media would be adding high definition content from channels such as Eurosport and Discovery.

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