Monday, May 24, 2010

FCC Ready to Compromise on Key Broadband Rules

The head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have come up with solutions that would help them to accomplish their goal of starting national broadband plans without getting into legal trouble.

FCC Chairman Mr Julius Genachowski said the agency has made some compromises in its process of its regulation of high-speed Internet access. The agency will impose important rules over broadband companies which will not be too heavy on them. However this move of FCC has attracted lot of flack from Republicans at FCC and in Congress.

FCC has been working hard on drawing a new framework since the authority had doubts over the existing broadband rules. FCC needs legal authority over the national broadband plan now. The plan aims at providing high speed Internet to Americans and affordable rates. They plan to do this by reworking and revamping the federal program that subsidizes telephone service in remote and rural areas and use them to pay for broadband.

The new framework will help FCC in moving ahead with policies that preserve the Internet as a powerful platform for innovation. FCC treats the broadband information service very lightly but the US court has appealed it to maintain and impose neutrality rules there. Now the agency plans to lay common rules for telecommunication service and make sure they do not burden the network providers with troublesome rules and these would be applicable to traditional telecom companies as well.

The proposal will aim at striking a cord between Internet service providers and public interest groups that are demanding greater consumer protections. The acceptance of the new proposal will require approval of at least three of the FCC's five commissioners. A lot of Internet companies including Google, Skype and eBay have praised the proposal.

The proposal might have got a positive response but the Republicans are against it. They feel the broadband providers should not allow any agency to investigate in their networks.

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MetroCast Supports Rich Media Services with Motorola High-Density Downstream

MetroCast recently announced its plans to set up the Motorola BSR 64000 TX32 Decoupled Downstream Module. This collaboration with Motorola will help MetroCast to spread its Internet service across its broadband network in a cost effective way.

With the new module MetroCast customers will be able to enjoy access to higher-speed internet, rich streaming and potential on-demand services through stronger broadband connectivity.

There is a high and growing demand for increased bandwidth by subscribers and cable operators are trying their best to provide high speed services at reasonable rates. However the technology is costly and subscribers are not ready to pay the high prices. The Motorola TX32 module does exactly this and enables up to 8 times existing peak rate and 6 times average throughput capacity to MetroCast's existing BSR 64000 chassis this ultimately results in high speed which every subscriber today wants.

The technology used provides very high internet speed which supports rich streaming and on demand services taking the cost factor into consideration.

The Motorola TX32 supports increased bandwidth to DOCSIS 3.0 modems and also Motorola's SURFboard(R) SB6120, SBV6220 and SBG6580 cable and digital voice modems.

MetroCast has more than 100,000 internet subscribers and its partnering with Motorola and capacity expansion will be beneficial for its customers and attract new subscribers as well. All that people need is high speed Internet and if delivered in an economical package a lot of people will surely join in.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Google now plans to work with Sony and Intel

After storming into mobile operating system market with android operating system, Google is now planning to enter into internet TV market with Google TV. Google has tied with industry majors like Intel, Sony and Logitech to come up with internet software for TV. In this project, Intel will be providing microprocessor chips while Logitech will be developing a keyboard like remote control for this TV.

With this project, Google will be challenging the majors like Yahoo, TiVo, Rivo and Microsoft who already into business of internet to TV market. Intel is hoping to expand themselves in consumer electronics market by with the help of their Atom processor by implementing it on variety of consumer electronic items like TV sets, dvd players, Blu-ray players and set top boxes.

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Kurt Scherf, industry researcher at Parks Associates says that with this we can see that internet connectivity is moving beyond computers and mobile and Google has already taken steps for that. Google with their Android operating system has entered into mobile operating system market.

Well this news hasn’t been confirmed as companies like Google, Sony, Intel and Logitech declined to comment on this report which was published on New York Times yesterday.

According to Sandeep Aggarwal, analyst at Collins, Google will have edge here thanks to their reputation. He says that if there are two TV sets for sale, one with Google functionality and other without it, it more likely that consumers would go for TV with Google functionality as they will be providing consumers with more utilities.

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Internet piracy has become a bate of existence for many

You might be happily downloading music illegally from the internet but as per experts the news isn’t that good. According to them due to illegal download, more than one million people could be out of job by the year 2015. As per study conducted by a consultancy in Paris, over 1.2 million jobs could be lost in Europe alone by year 2015 if nothing is done to curb down the illegal downloading.

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According to the study which was focused on industries like music, television and software industry, these industries had generated around 860 billion Euros and had employed 14.1 million people in the year 2008. But due to piracy, 10 billion Euros and 186,000 jobs were lost in the same year. And if such illegal download continues, then 240 billion Euros and 1.2 million jobs could be lost by year 2015.
TERA Consultant’s Patrice Geoffron says that looking at the increased bandwidth and penetration rate of the Internet, piracy is only going to increase.

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Piracy has major impact on the musicians, artists and actors as majority of illegal downloading is of music, movies where users download songs and movie clips free of cost. According to Agnete Haaland, President of International Actors Federation, piracy can be reduced only if consumers act responsibly and should be aware of negative consequences of downloading illegally. She also added that only way this problem could be tackled is by having stricter legislation in the European Union to enforce piracy laws but it would be tough as many parliamentarians are against it.

Senator Conroy puts Telstra break up in Jeopardy

The communication minister of Australia, Stephen Conroy, had defied the government order to look into the intricacies of a deal and also prepare and submit a report on the same. Basically, it was the second time that the Communication Minister had failed to submit the report on the topic under discussion which was whether the National Broadband Network (NBN) is economically and logistically viable or not.

The deadline for submitting a report on the $25 million worth study undertaken on the subject itself by KPMG and McKinsey, was on Thursday, but apparently the minister could not meet this deadline as well. It was after this that the minister refused to comply with the orders of the Senate in an open act of defiance. No reason or grounds of justification have been cited for the same and everyone is taken aback the Conroy’s act.

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But it’s the government who will stand to lose the most as its failure to present all the important documents will jeopardize the smooth processing of the NBN project and may be the hot shots of the country may after all withdraw their support from the consensus to break up of Telstra.
According to the Senator, the document or the study on NBN is has very optimistic implications for the overall project and says that some of its recommendations are very surprising. Apparently, the NBN project and the deal with Telstra is overdue since long now as no consensus is being reached with Telstra officials over the cost aspect.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Telstra set to woo small businesses

TELSTRA Inc., Australia’s best network service provider has come up with a set of unique packages for the small business operators in Southern Queensland, who are not able to exploit the current wireless technology to the fullest because of the he costs. TELSTRA could gauze the demand for the broadband service for the smart phones and the wireless connection options by small and medium sized businesses in the region and has duly introduced plans to help businesses include only those services that they require which helps to avoid huge costs.

It’s not that these businesses weren’t prized customers of TELSTRA. They have been enjoying the world class connectivity and high speed network services by the telecom major for quite some time now. Now flexibility has also been added to the plethora of benefits they derived by choosing TELSTRA. Its two services, Mobile Plus and TELSTRA Mobile Broadband Plans have been revamped to introduce greater options for the customers.

It is said that once these plans become operational, the businesses will have the option of saving as much as $480 per annum, only on the mobile and broadband services. For small businesses, for which neither the turnover nor the margin is very high compared to the big players, TELSTRA’s announcement comes as a boon.

Apparently, TELSTRA’s Next G network is one of the major companies under TELSTRA Investment and is a leading technology and network service provider in the country.

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InteleCom is now My Social Income

InteleCom, Inc., a leading provider of Voice over IP telephony services around the globe has changed its corporate name. It’s now become My Social Income Inc. The company aims at providing its customers all types of IP telephony services and is coming up new schemes and plans for the same.

The company has been operating in the field of Voice over IP Telephony services for quite some time now and has its operations in some 122 countries. It has now announced the launch of two services or products which are “MSI Connect” and “MSI Connect Broadband”.

What “MSI Connect” does is that it enables the customer to call up virtually any other fixed landline number or cell phone number in the world. MSI Connect uses internet technology and local access phone numbers competition to accomplish the same. Basically it’s a great boon to small businesses and families who can now make portable long distance calls around the world at very effective costs and without the need for installing complex hardware equipments.

MSI Connect Broadband is a bit more sophisticated and is meant for those who already have a broadband connection in place. its hardware is plug and play in nature, that is to say you just plug in the device and you are ready to use the service. MSI Connect Broadband has also led to businesses and households save up to 80% on their monthly phone bills. The hardware and other system devices used by MSI broadband connect are of utmost quality and manufactured by the most reliable electronic firms in the market.

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Broadband Users can now store their favorite content

Now watching TV content online has become easier thanks to a newly launched websites. Broadband service users can now watch TV content online using their broadband connection with the help of this websites.

This new website is launched by Arqiva. The SeeSaw platform on which it’s based on has over 3000 hours of TV content that can be viewed online. It has content from BBC, Channel 4 and Five. It also has archived episodes from sitcoms like The Apprentice, Shameless and Hustle. It also features content from series like Doctor Who and The Young Guns. The SeeSaw idea was created by Rudd Studio. They claim to offer best of British programming with mix of international content. The company recently launched a 5 million pound advertising campaign with the help of an advertising agency to launch the brand.

This online content service is ideally suited for digital TV subscribers who wish to have more on demand services. The controller of Seesaw, John Keeling, said that their website would be the tip of the iceberg. He said that this service reminds him of his days as Sky, where multi channel TV was just picking up and you would be finding satellite dishes installed everywhere.

This website’s launch has come within days after Virgin Media announced its plans to add new channels to their digital TV platform. Virgin Media would be adding high definition content from channels such as Eurosport and Discovery.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cumbria couple disillusioned over broadband prices

This news has unearthed the broadband reality in the country. Before this everyone was of the view that currently the country had the best broadband services and coverage which would be multiplied over 10 times with the increase in the coverage of high speed optic fibre broadband connections. But when what happened with a couple in Cumbria hit the newsstands, the citizens came face to face with the fact that the dream of universal broadband in the country is still far from being realized.

Here’s what happened. Ray and Frei Walker stay in Cumbria and have their business in Dufton, near Appleby. Last week they applied to their telephone exchange, where BT provides access, for a switchover from dial-up connection to broadband connection and as a response were given a hefty bill of 45 thousand pound. This despite the fact that many residents in the village do have access to broadband connections but when Walker’s applied for one, they were refused on account of insufficient capacity and asked to pay a bill of 4k pounds if they wanted one.

As a result, they are forced to run their business on slow connection and face lots of problems. Walkers are really disillusioned over the whole issue and reported it to the daily media. What is un-understandable here is that why BT wanted them to pay for the network capacity of entire village. Because of low connectivity, Ray Walker isn’t able to even construct his business’ website which is a must for him.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

AT&T requests for reforms

The petition laid down by the AT&T Inc to the government seeks for the replacement of the age old telephone lines so that the new internet facilities can come pretty well into picture. The long term goals of the government can only then come into picture.

AT&T, the original U.S. phone operator, described the old lines as the orthodox system that follows circuit switching. No more expectations can be laid down on good speed if this kind of infrastructure is followed.

A transition from the "plain-old telephone service", known in the industry as POTS and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is inevitable to get the real time implementation of the goals of the government to widen the scope of internet all over the nation.

According to the AT & T, with the advancement in the technology, the expectations of people are also rising. When it comes to internet they expect high speed without failure. This can be guaranteed only if the technology of POTS is replaced.

The year 2009 , recorded a revenue of about $123 billion. This high figure shows that almost all of the population is being rendered by its services. However, certain reforms need to be made urgently.

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