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BT seems to be simply unstoppable of late. The broadband giant has wooed the audience in a manner as like no other. This is with its overwhelming broadband packages that offer superfast internet speed and at reasonable prices. Even talking the fibre optic broadband revolution, it is perhaps BT that has led the race. The BT Infinity campaign became increasingly popular all over United Kingdom.

For one, the company has seen as much as thirty percent rise in its profits. This is again for the three months that ended on the 31st of December 2010. The company has seen getting another three hundred and fifty six broadband customers along with forty thousand customers for BT Vision.

The company has also done some serious cost cutting which has resulted in a pre-tax profit of £531 million for the quarter. BT is none the less negatively affected by the fact that there has been an increasingly serious competition in the market. This is even as the other major broadband providers are also wooing customers with greatly discounted packages of their own. This has actually seen BT meet with a decline of three percent in its revenues that has been 5billion.

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The Global Service Division of the company specializes in offering with IT services for both businesses and Government groups. Even it saw a decline in revenue which touched £1.97billion. This is simply negative growth when compared with the much better £2.1billion a year back.

But then the company has taken heart in the overall profits that it enjoyed and some brilliant deals as won. Brilliant deals with bingo, casino operator Gala Coral along with the Italian government service DigitPA, has seen BT get an overall intake of as much as £1.7 billion. Here too seeing an eight percent rise which is nothing short of great.

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O2 Broadband price hike!

O2 Broadband has increased prices for the second time now in three months. The price change will be a high rise in some plans whilst some plans will see a very nominal low price rise. Recently there was a price hike due to the VAT rate being revised to 20%. Customers were still adjusting to the VAT increase and O2 has already announced another revision to its prices. But O2 says this prise hike is very essential at this moment to help them continue with their investments.

According to a recent O2 statement these investments are very essential as internet has changed over years and the quality of service too needs to go hand in hand with this change. The needs of users are increasing each day be it in terms of speed or usage and O2 with these investments are trying to meet every requirement of its user. They also added that from the time they have introduced their Home Broadband and Home Packages they have kept a constant price level across all their different packages.

And along with maintaining these price levels they have made sure to not compromise on their service level. But now it is difficult to do so in this climate if the prices remain the same. Thus they believe the prices have to increase that small bit to continue their world class service.

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The high price will be observed mainly on the old unlimited packages which O2 users have been enjoying at a nominal cost till date. But now there will be a high price hike to be able to meet the higher costs involved in delivering these unlimited packages.

There will be a standard hike of £5 on all the Access products. Again there is a high hike rise in the Access plan as O2 was previously offering this plan at a very low cost to gain customers at an introduction price. But now to cover up those losses, O2 will hike the Access plan by £5 straight.
The rest of the plans will see a low price hike. Home phone price will also be changing but the price changes will be nominal.

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Sky purchases The cloud

Sky recently announced its interest in acquiring the wireless hot spot operator, "The Cloud". This deal will allow Sky to provide its consumers with a number of new Wi-fi hotspots which Sky sells in its bundled package of Sky Broadband and Sky Digital cable.

Like Sky there are many other cable and Broadband suppliers wishing to invest in companies like The Cloud to be able to become capable of supplying wireless broadband with the mean of such Wi-fi hotspots. And this new deal will just provoke other companies to get the deal running quicker as this new acquisition of Sky has made the market even more competitive than before.

Other companies like the BT openzone, Vodafone and Virgin Media are also trying to built their wireless hotspot zones. Virgin Media too has already announced its plans to build a number if hotspot zones to covert the entire country by the end of 2011. Vodafone too has ambitious plans with its SureSignal femtocells which will allow them to provide hotspots to users at various places. They are already in the testing phase for SureSignal femtocells and the technology seems promising.

But Sky now already has a strong hotspot zone built as the new acquisition allows Sky to provide Wi-fi at Cloud's 22,000 hotspot zones. The cloud is also one of the strongest providers of Hotspot as it started back in 2003 and since then it has continuously expanded to as much as 22,000 zones. Cloud also operates with it's own brand name providing Wi-fi to all it's hotspot zone at £6.95 each month. It has also tied up with brands like McDonals and Marriot on a wholesale agreement.

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O2 too is not behind the race as it is providing a number of Wi-fi bundles along with its mobile deals and is continuously improving its 900 Mhz network to provide better service to it's consumers.

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Bluwan discovered cheaper high-speed comms

Bluwan which is a French wireless communication company has researched enough on microwave technology to be able to successfully make use of the technology to reduce the cost in supplying fast broadband internet in rural areas. They expect to reduce the cost anywhere between 2 to 5 percent than the usual cable network built on fibre optic or the traditional microwave technology.

Along with reducing the cost, this new microwave technology will also accelerate the execution of the latest mobile phone technology like the Long Term Evolution (LTE). This will be possible as the microwave technology will provide faster and cheaper backhaul to the fibre option network.

The cost reduction with the new technology will be really high. The chief marketing officer of Bluwan, Mr. Shayan Sanyal said this high cost reduction will help companies break even in less than 2 years under normal condition with a normal customer base. If you compare the figures with the normal technology companies take as much as 10 years to break even before they star earning profits. BT with the normal fibre optic technology hopes to break even after 12 years. They've invested as much as £2.5bn in their fibre optic technology.

But to receive signal from the microwave technology the customers will have to install a €600 device. So, though the technology reduces the price for the networks to transmit signals itnwill eventually be high price fir the customers. But the cost may reduce at the customer end if companies opt for mass production of these boxes.

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The chief research and development officer for Bluwan, Mr. Francois Magne says their new technology will be suitable for both mobile backhaul and broadband access networks and will be capable of delivering 12Gbps per base if operated in a 40GHz band. Mr. Francois Magne currently holds the patent for this latest technology and has already tried and tested the power of this cheap yet effective technology.

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Antenova launches the new GPS Antenna

Antenova who is a leading supplier and manufacturer of integrated antennas to enable wireless communication launches a new GPS Antenna named Acuta A10415 GPS Antenna. It plans to release Acuta A10415 as a substitute to the existing ceramic patch antenna. This ceramic antenna with a dimension of approximately 12x12mm is currently used as a standard antenna in most of the GPS enabled devices which include navigation systems, cell phone device and other such similar handhelds.

But Antenova now wishes to replace these existing ceramic patch antennas with a much thinner Acuta A10415 Antenna hoping to retain the performance as the present antenna. The Acuta A10415 will have a dimension of 25.0 x 5.0 x 4.0mm. But being thin will not reduce the capability of this GPS device. This high performance antenna will in fact cost less than the current bulkier antennas and will operate at 1575MHz which is apt for L1-band and A-GPS systems.

The CEO of Antenova, Mr. Greg McCray says Antenova realized the need of thinner antenna at the right time as more and more portable devices are coming up with GPS capabilities and GPS antennas like the Acuta A10415 will become very essential to maintain the portability of the device. He also added that the Acuta A10415 will be a very simple device and can be fitted in almost any GPS device without the need of any physical modification. This is possible as the Acuta A10415 can be easily tuned on any of the host PCB.

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The Research and Development Director for Antenova, Mr. Devis Iellici says the low cost of Acuta is possible to achieve as most of the materials like costly RF connectors, coaxial cables and mounting frames are not required at all. All of these advantages over the standard ceramic antenna will definitely help replace those old bulky antennas.

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