Monday, April 19, 2010

InteleCom is now My Social Income

InteleCom, Inc., a leading provider of Voice over IP telephony services around the globe has changed its corporate name. It’s now become My Social Income Inc. The company aims at providing its customers all types of IP telephony services and is coming up new schemes and plans for the same.

The company has been operating in the field of Voice over IP Telephony services for quite some time now and has its operations in some 122 countries. It has now announced the launch of two services or products which are “MSI Connect” and “MSI Connect Broadband”.

What “MSI Connect” does is that it enables the customer to call up virtually any other fixed landline number or cell phone number in the world. MSI Connect uses internet technology and local access phone numbers competition to accomplish the same. Basically it’s a great boon to small businesses and families who can now make portable long distance calls around the world at very effective costs and without the need for installing complex hardware equipments.

MSI Connect Broadband is a bit more sophisticated and is meant for those who already have a broadband connection in place. its hardware is plug and play in nature, that is to say you just plug in the device and you are ready to use the service. MSI Connect Broadband has also led to businesses and households save up to 80% on their monthly phone bills. The hardware and other system devices used by MSI broadband connect are of utmost quality and manufactured by the most reliable electronic firms in the market.

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