Monday, April 19, 2010

Telstra set to woo small businesses

TELSTRA Inc., Australia’s best network service provider has come up with a set of unique packages for the small business operators in Southern Queensland, who are not able to exploit the current wireless technology to the fullest because of the he costs. TELSTRA could gauze the demand for the broadband service for the smart phones and the wireless connection options by small and medium sized businesses in the region and has duly introduced plans to help businesses include only those services that they require which helps to avoid huge costs.

It’s not that these businesses weren’t prized customers of TELSTRA. They have been enjoying the world class connectivity and high speed network services by the telecom major for quite some time now. Now flexibility has also been added to the plethora of benefits they derived by choosing TELSTRA. Its two services, Mobile Plus and TELSTRA Mobile Broadband Plans have been revamped to introduce greater options for the customers.

It is said that once these plans become operational, the businesses will have the option of saving as much as $480 per annum, only on the mobile and broadband services. For small businesses, for which neither the turnover nor the margin is very high compared to the big players, TELSTRA’s announcement comes as a boon.

Apparently, TELSTRA’s Next G network is one of the major companies under TELSTRA Investment and is a leading technology and network service provider in the country.

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