Thursday, May 6, 2010

Senator Conroy puts Telstra break up in Jeopardy

The communication minister of Australia, Stephen Conroy, had defied the government order to look into the intricacies of a deal and also prepare and submit a report on the same. Basically, it was the second time that the Communication Minister had failed to submit the report on the topic under discussion which was whether the National Broadband Network (NBN) is economically and logistically viable or not.

The deadline for submitting a report on the $25 million worth study undertaken on the subject itself by KPMG and McKinsey, was on Thursday, but apparently the minister could not meet this deadline as well. It was after this that the minister refused to comply with the orders of the Senate in an open act of defiance. No reason or grounds of justification have been cited for the same and everyone is taken aback the Conroy’s act.

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But it’s the government who will stand to lose the most as its failure to present all the important documents will jeopardize the smooth processing of the NBN project and may be the hot shots of the country may after all withdraw their support from the consensus to break up of Telstra.
According to the Senator, the document or the study on NBN is has very optimistic implications for the overall project and says that some of its recommendations are very surprising. Apparently, the NBN project and the deal with Telstra is overdue since long now as no consensus is being reached with Telstra officials over the cost aspect.

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