Thursday, May 6, 2010

Internet piracy has become a bate of existence for many

You might be happily downloading music illegally from the internet but as per experts the news isn’t that good. According to them due to illegal download, more than one million people could be out of job by the year 2015. As per study conducted by a consultancy in Paris, over 1.2 million jobs could be lost in Europe alone by year 2015 if nothing is done to curb down the illegal downloading.

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According to the study which was focused on industries like music, television and software industry, these industries had generated around 860 billion Euros and had employed 14.1 million people in the year 2008. But due to piracy, 10 billion Euros and 186,000 jobs were lost in the same year. And if such illegal download continues, then 240 billion Euros and 1.2 million jobs could be lost by year 2015.
TERA Consultant’s Patrice Geoffron says that looking at the increased bandwidth and penetration rate of the Internet, piracy is only going to increase.

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Piracy has major impact on the musicians, artists and actors as majority of illegal downloading is of music, movies where users download songs and movie clips free of cost. According to Agnete Haaland, President of International Actors Federation, piracy can be reduced only if consumers act responsibly and should be aware of negative consequences of downloading illegally. She also added that only way this problem could be tackled is by having stricter legislation in the European Union to enforce piracy laws but it would be tough as many parliamentarians are against it.

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