Monday, May 24, 2010

MetroCast Supports Rich Media Services with Motorola High-Density Downstream

MetroCast recently announced its plans to set up the Motorola BSR 64000 TX32 Decoupled Downstream Module. This collaboration with Motorola will help MetroCast to spread its Internet service across its broadband network in a cost effective way.

With the new module MetroCast customers will be able to enjoy access to higher-speed internet, rich streaming and potential on-demand services through stronger broadband connectivity.

There is a high and growing demand for increased bandwidth by subscribers and cable operators are trying their best to provide high speed services at reasonable rates. However the technology is costly and subscribers are not ready to pay the high prices. The Motorola TX32 module does exactly this and enables up to 8 times existing peak rate and 6 times average throughput capacity to MetroCast's existing BSR 64000 chassis this ultimately results in high speed which every subscriber today wants.

The technology used provides very high internet speed which supports rich streaming and on demand services taking the cost factor into consideration.

The Motorola TX32 supports increased bandwidth to DOCSIS 3.0 modems and also Motorola's SURFboard(R) SB6120, SBV6220 and SBG6580 cable and digital voice modems.

MetroCast has more than 100,000 internet subscribers and its partnering with Motorola and capacity expansion will be beneficial for its customers and attract new subscribers as well. All that people need is high speed Internet and if delivered in an economical package a lot of people will surely join in.

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