Monday, May 24, 2010

FCC Ready to Compromise on Key Broadband Rules

The head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have come up with solutions that would help them to accomplish their goal of starting national broadband plans without getting into legal trouble.

FCC Chairman Mr Julius Genachowski said the agency has made some compromises in its process of its regulation of high-speed Internet access. The agency will impose important rules over broadband companies which will not be too heavy on them. However this move of FCC has attracted lot of flack from Republicans at FCC and in Congress.

FCC has been working hard on drawing a new framework since the authority had doubts over the existing broadband rules. FCC needs legal authority over the national broadband plan now. The plan aims at providing high speed Internet to Americans and affordable rates. They plan to do this by reworking and revamping the federal program that subsidizes telephone service in remote and rural areas and use them to pay for broadband.

The new framework will help FCC in moving ahead with policies that preserve the Internet as a powerful platform for innovation. FCC treats the broadband information service very lightly but the US court has appealed it to maintain and impose neutrality rules there. Now the agency plans to lay common rules for telecommunication service and make sure they do not burden the network providers with troublesome rules and these would be applicable to traditional telecom companies as well.

The proposal will aim at striking a cord between Internet service providers and public interest groups that are demanding greater consumer protections. The acceptance of the new proposal will require approval of at least three of the FCC's five commissioners. A lot of Internet companies including Google, Skype and eBay have praised the proposal.

The proposal might have got a positive response but the Republicans are against it. They feel the broadband providers should not allow any agency to investigate in their networks.

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