Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Antenova launches the new GPS Antenna

Antenova who is a leading supplier and manufacturer of integrated antennas to enable wireless communication launches a new GPS Antenna named Acuta A10415 GPS Antenna. It plans to release Acuta A10415 as a substitute to the existing ceramic patch antenna. This ceramic antenna with a dimension of approximately 12x12mm is currently used as a standard antenna in most of the GPS enabled devices which include navigation systems, cell phone device and other such similar handhelds.

But Antenova now wishes to replace these existing ceramic patch antennas with a much thinner Acuta A10415 Antenna hoping to retain the performance as the present antenna. The Acuta A10415 will have a dimension of 25.0 x 5.0 x 4.0mm. But being thin will not reduce the capability of this GPS device. This high performance antenna will in fact cost less than the current bulkier antennas and will operate at 1575MHz which is apt for L1-band and A-GPS systems.

The CEO of Antenova, Mr. Greg McCray says Antenova realized the need of thinner antenna at the right time as more and more portable devices are coming up with GPS capabilities and GPS antennas like the Acuta A10415 will become very essential to maintain the portability of the device. He also added that the Acuta A10415 will be a very simple device and can be fitted in almost any GPS device without the need of any physical modification. This is possible as the Acuta A10415 can be easily tuned on any of the host PCB.

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The Research and Development Director for Antenova, Mr. Devis Iellici says the low cost of Acuta is possible to achieve as most of the materials like costly RF connectors, coaxial cables and mounting frames are not required at all. All of these advantages over the standard ceramic antenna will definitely help replace those old bulky antennas.

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