Wednesday, February 9, 2011


BT seems to be simply unstoppable of late. The broadband giant has wooed the audience in a manner as like no other. This is with its overwhelming broadband packages that offer superfast internet speed and at reasonable prices. Even talking the fibre optic broadband revolution, it is perhaps BT that has led the race. The BT Infinity campaign became increasingly popular all over United Kingdom.

For one, the company has seen as much as thirty percent rise in its profits. This is again for the three months that ended on the 31st of December 2010. The company has seen getting another three hundred and fifty six broadband customers along with forty thousand customers for BT Vision.

The company has also done some serious cost cutting which has resulted in a pre-tax profit of £531 million for the quarter. BT is none the less negatively affected by the fact that there has been an increasingly serious competition in the market. This is even as the other major broadband providers are also wooing customers with greatly discounted packages of their own. This has actually seen BT meet with a decline of three percent in its revenues that has been 5billion.

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The Global Service Division of the company specializes in offering with IT services for both businesses and Government groups. Even it saw a decline in revenue which touched £1.97billion. This is simply negative growth when compared with the much better £2.1billion a year back.

But then the company has taken heart in the overall profits that it enjoyed and some brilliant deals as won. Brilliant deals with bingo, casino operator Gala Coral along with the Italian government service DigitPA, has seen BT get an overall intake of as much as £1.7 billion. Here too seeing an eight percent rise which is nothing short of great.

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