Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sky purchases The cloud

Sky recently announced its interest in acquiring the wireless hot spot operator, "The Cloud". This deal will allow Sky to provide its consumers with a number of new Wi-fi hotspots which Sky sells in its bundled package of Sky Broadband and Sky Digital cable.

Like Sky there are many other cable and Broadband suppliers wishing to invest in companies like The Cloud to be able to become capable of supplying wireless broadband with the mean of such Wi-fi hotspots. And this new deal will just provoke other companies to get the deal running quicker as this new acquisition of Sky has made the market even more competitive than before.

Other companies like the BT openzone, Vodafone and Virgin Media are also trying to built their wireless hotspot zones. Virgin Media too has already announced its plans to build a number if hotspot zones to covert the entire country by the end of 2011. Vodafone too has ambitious plans with its SureSignal femtocells which will allow them to provide hotspots to users at various places. They are already in the testing phase for SureSignal femtocells and the technology seems promising.

But Sky now already has a strong hotspot zone built as the new acquisition allows Sky to provide Wi-fi at Cloud's 22,000 hotspot zones. The cloud is also one of the strongest providers of Hotspot as it started back in 2003 and since then it has continuously expanded to as much as 22,000 zones. Cloud also operates with it's own brand name providing Wi-fi to all it's hotspot zone at £6.95 each month. It has also tied up with brands like McDonals and Marriot on a wholesale agreement.

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O2 too is not behind the race as it is providing a number of Wi-fi bundles along with its mobile deals and is continuously improving its 900 Mhz network to provide better service to it's consumers.

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