Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bluwan discovered cheaper high-speed comms

Bluwan which is a French wireless communication company has researched enough on microwave technology to be able to successfully make use of the technology to reduce the cost in supplying fast broadband internet in rural areas. They expect to reduce the cost anywhere between 2 to 5 percent than the usual cable network built on fibre optic or the traditional microwave technology.

Along with reducing the cost, this new microwave technology will also accelerate the execution of the latest mobile phone technology like the Long Term Evolution (LTE). This will be possible as the microwave technology will provide faster and cheaper backhaul to the fibre option network.

The cost reduction with the new technology will be really high. The chief marketing officer of Bluwan, Mr. Shayan Sanyal said this high cost reduction will help companies break even in less than 2 years under normal condition with a normal customer base. If you compare the figures with the normal technology companies take as much as 10 years to break even before they star earning profits. BT with the normal fibre optic technology hopes to break even after 12 years. They've invested as much as £2.5bn in their fibre optic technology.

But to receive signal from the microwave technology the customers will have to install a €600 device. So, though the technology reduces the price for the networks to transmit signals itnwill eventually be high price fir the customers. But the cost may reduce at the customer end if companies opt for mass production of these boxes.

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The chief research and development officer for Bluwan, Mr. Francois Magne says their new technology will be suitable for both mobile backhaul and broadband access networks and will be capable of delivering 12Gbps per base if operated in a 40GHz band. Mr. Francois Magne currently holds the patent for this latest technology and has already tried and tested the power of this cheap yet effective technology.

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