Wednesday, February 9, 2011

O2 Broadband price hike!

O2 Broadband has increased prices for the second time now in three months. The price change will be a high rise in some plans whilst some plans will see a very nominal low price rise. Recently there was a price hike due to the VAT rate being revised to 20%. Customers were still adjusting to the VAT increase and O2 has already announced another revision to its prices. But O2 says this prise hike is very essential at this moment to help them continue with their investments.

According to a recent O2 statement these investments are very essential as internet has changed over years and the quality of service too needs to go hand in hand with this change. The needs of users are increasing each day be it in terms of speed or usage and O2 with these investments are trying to meet every requirement of its user. They also added that from the time they have introduced their Home Broadband and Home Packages they have kept a constant price level across all their different packages.

And along with maintaining these price levels they have made sure to not compromise on their service level. But now it is difficult to do so in this climate if the prices remain the same. Thus they believe the prices have to increase that small bit to continue their world class service.

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The high price will be observed mainly on the old unlimited packages which O2 users have been enjoying at a nominal cost till date. But now there will be a high price hike to be able to meet the higher costs involved in delivering these unlimited packages.

There will be a standard hike of £5 on all the Access products. Again there is a high hike rise in the Access plan as O2 was previously offering this plan at a very low cost to gain customers at an introduction price. But now to cover up those losses, O2 will hike the Access plan by £5 straight.
The rest of the plans will see a low price hike. Home phone price will also be changing but the price changes will be nominal.

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